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Customized FEED YEAST/ Специализированные дрожжи из Китая

  • Местонахождение: Dalian, City
  • Страна: China
  • Индекс: 8613591133730
  • Размещено: 12.06.2018 05:17
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Animal Feed Additives
Description of Animal Feed Additives:
Animal feed additives (Brewer yeast power) is widely used in animal farms in local China and abroad. The animal farms and scientists praise it highly as “the most promising feed additive in animal breeding industry
Advantages of Our Animal Feed Additives:
1. 100% pure brewer yeast as raw material
2. High quality protein
3. Promote animals’ growth
4. With good palatability
5. Reduce incidence of disease
6. GMO free
Product composition analysis index
Crude proteinAmino acidCrude ashMoisture
Amino acid composition analysis value
Aspartic acid, g/100g3.49Methionine, g/100g0.34
Threonine, g/100g1.72Isoleucine, g/100g1.58
Serine, g/100g1.99Leucine, g/100g2.72
Glutamic acid, g/100g4.41Tyrosine, g/100g0.97
Proline, g/100g2.09Phenylalanine, g/100g1.55
Glycine, g/100g1.53Lysine, g/100g2.69
Alanine, g/100g2.37Histidine, g/100g0.76
Cystine, g/100g0.33Tryptophan, g/100g0.48
Valine, g/100g1.84Arginine, g/100g1.66
Total Amino Acid, (g/100g): 32.52
Functional nutrition composition
Vitamin B1,mg/100g14.1Nucleic acids, g/100g7.3
Vitamin B2,mg/100g3.2Nucleotides, mg/100g23.4
Vitamin B6,mg/100g2.41Ca, g/100g0.41
Vitamin B12, μg/100g17Na, g/100g0.28
Nicotinic acid, mg/100g38.0K, g/100g1.72
Folic acid, μg/100g8.54x102Mg, g/100g0.16
Pantothenic acid, μg/100g4.24x103Crude fat,%2.9
Inositol, mg/100g130Crude fiber,%0.5
Note: the above nutrition value is an average testing result for several batches, the
products’ specification meets the normal range (±5%).
Suggested dosage:
Piglets: 30-50kg/ton
Growth and finished pig: 30-40kg/ton
Ruminant: 30-50kg/ton
Aquaculture: 40-80kg/ton
Poultry: 20-30kg/ton
Special animals: 20-60kg/ton
Send Us Your Further Inquiry:
sales@e-xinghe.com  (North America, South America, Africa, Oceania)
office@e-xinghe.com  (Asia, Europe, Mid-east)Customized FEED YEAST


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