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Nonwoven Needle Loom manufacturers

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Jacquard needle punching machine, this structuring needle punching machine is specifically designed to make fancy pattern effect on nonwoven fabrics.
Features and Advantages:
1. Automated and frequency conversion controlled
2. PLC programmed system
3. Double-shaft driving with main and counter shaft
4. Advanced combined and high robust structure enables the excellent stabilizationjacquard needle loom machine
needle loom machine for jacquard
Needling frequency: ≤1000 rpm
Working width: 2000mm~4500mm
Stroke: 30mm
Needle density: 5000-6000n/m
Linear speed: ≤ 3m/min
Mechanical details:
1)Framework made up of quality carbon steel with thermal treatment
2)Bottom beam and stripper plate are electric adjusted, with digital measurement.
3)Needle plate made of magnesium alloy and pu composite , main beam made of aluminium alloy
4)Biaxial driven model, main shaft and auxiliary shaft are driven respectively, equipped with precision reducer
5)Delivery roller is knurled and electroplated, equipped with high precision reducer.
6)PLC programming control system for easy and automated operation
Established in2008, Sail exports Jacquard needle punching machine to Africa, Middle East, South East Asia, South America, Europe, etc. We have a good reputation for quality Jacquard needle punching machine with reasonable price. Nonwoven Needle Loom manufacturers

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